Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Gregg Zone!

To start things off this week I thought I would put up a few sites I ran across looking for a manual. I bought a bread machine at the thrift store the other day. It did not have any paper work with it, but it was cheap, it looked like new, and I assumed I could find the info I needed on the net. In my searching around the net, I found one that stood out; even though they did not have the manual for my particular bread machine, they seemed to have a rather extensive amount of manuals, especially for electronics.

Here is another link which leans toward kitchen appliances, I thought this was a really good idea and have started a folder on my desktop where I am downloading manuals for everything I have around he house, all in one place.

If you are not familiar with the freedom ship, you might want to check this out. Always amazed by the things people build. Like the pyramids, mega buildings, the space shuttle, and the like. Well how about a city that floats around the planet, for about the price of a condominium here in you might be able to live on a floating island that travels around the world once every two years. Matter of fact with a state of the art casino on board, I might feel right at home.

How much concern have you put into all that talk about diverting a earth crossing asteroid. Here is a site that may warrant checking out. I will be in my eighties, but I’m old. This is a serious science site, so I’m going to have to consider it a real possibility. Maybe the great “they” are trying to prepare us for the need to spend a few billion, or by then trillion dollars to save our collective rear-ends.

One more out-there link just in case you have not seen it, an alien took over a T.V. station in Great Briton way back in 1977, pretty hard to do with the technology of the time, this is only the audio, but it was done over the local news. It was probably just a well done hoax, but who knows, the message made sense.

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