Sunday, March 01, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Okay it’s been a week or two since I started off with a green car. This is one that I ran across that is pretty neat, especially if you might consider building one in your garage. Hits thirty miles per hour rather easy, meaning in most small town applications it will keep up with traffic This, has got to be a coming trend for the DYI guys, the next link also has one an electric go-cart also pretty cool.

2) Speaking about DYI stuff here is a site with their top ten DYI projects, several of them are computer oriented, so you might want to take a look, while I am not sure what a few of them are about they look like DYI geek fun to me.

3) Well Troll managed to scare the heck out of me with this one he sent me. I am not much into guns, but this has to take over kill with a hand held weapon to the limit. I cannot imagine this getting into the hands of your local urban terrorist nut. If the kids that shot up the high school, or the postal worker, or who ever had one of these, things would have been very bad. Just think a 120 round a min. shot gun with shrapnel loaded explosive shells, oh that’s just for starters.

4) I was talking to Riley about documentary sites the other day, sent him my favorite one here. I am putting in two links on this one the home page, . And, also a direct link to one of the videos, when I got there I found one I was looking for a while ago. This is a video explaining the simulation hypothesis, that being that our reality is sort of like living in the Matrix, a sort of universe computer program. By the way googling “simulation hypothesis” makes for some interesting surfing.

5) Since I covered the geek stuff in the DYI links, I thought I would end with this. I am not sure if this makes me laugh, or want to cry. Two things here our society here in the states is seen as the most litigious, laws about everything, and most monitory we want money more than sanity. This article on wind energy just caught me off guard, they are serious, and who owns the wind turning the energy collectors? Is the wind like a river and water rights? I wonder if the wind is only blowing at a tenth of a mile per hour, can some one charge me for breathing their air. I would like to know what you think.

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