Monday, November 28, 2005

Computer Science E-1: Understanding Computers and the Internet

In the interest of "Learning something new everyday." I offer for your enjoyment and education. Harvard podcast! I listened to the first one, and its good. Its an overview of computers, and the pieces and parts that make one up. In the first lecture (All lectures, so far, are available as video or audio), binary math and the basic parts of a computer, and the historical range of the numbers. RAM 4K ~ GB of RAM, for example. It is an informative class for the person, who has little or no idea of computer parts, but wants to understand the concepts behind it. A very entertaining lecturer, also. They are semi big files, looks like just the mp3s are 11-50MB. There are also workshops and it seems as if all class materials are online. He suggested 2 books for the class, basically based on your current level of expertise, I was impressed. Who knew I'd end up in a harvard lecture? ;) Though I did get a hoodie when in Cambridge once.


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