Monday, December 05, 2005

Sony closes in on new program to cleanse PCs

Most of the article is a rehash of what we have already rehashed. One thing we speculated about but didn't know for sure was the impact on artists. Due to secret and creative accounting in the record industry we do not know how much this has hurt the artists financially, but it certainly has hurt their record sales. It is a shame that artists of this caliber have had their reputations tarnished in this way.

From the article: "In the interim, many of the artists with XCP CDs have seen their sales tumble.

Neil Diamond, whose widely praised 12 Songs opened at No. 4 on Billboard's Top 200 chart just two weeks ago, has fallen to No. 52 in the most recent chart. Bette Midler's Peggy Lee Songbook fell to No. 157 from No. 51, while Chris Botti's To Love Again:The Duets tumbled to No. 172 from No. 74."

Oh yes, I know, we know the difference between Sony and these artists, but let's face it, it is their names on the CD's and it is their CD's that are not selling.

My husband loves Neil Diamond, but guess what he is not getting for Christmas. Then again, you could call one of these CD's the gift that keeps on giving. (or is that taking?)

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  1. Thats an excellent observation about Neil's sales. An immediate reaction from the buying public, over the atrocity that is the music publishing industry. I cancelled my bmgmusic subscription, and told them why, which made me feel better, though I doubt they notice my effect on the bottom line ;)


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