Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My New Home Page

PreScript: The link in the title and at the bottom (for you RSS visitors) may not work without a Passport account (which can be any hotmail account as far as I know), but the Maps do still work without logging in, or did today.

Finally! Something that's worth signing in with my Passport from Microsoft, except Security Updates. OK, that makes two. I can't tell you how irritated I was that you needed a passport account to get the security updates. But, I thought it was a necessary evil. Anyway, back to the good stuff. I am hooked on Windows Live, you can put RSS feeds in (hint, hint) you can drag items around, its very similar to the Google personalized homepage, with one important difference. The pictures on the feeds rotate, which is very kewl, and a feature that really draws my eye. I have weather, movies, and of course the On Computers Blog. You need a passport account to get there now, I believe, when it was early beta, anybody could use it, but I had trouble before getting an invite to the beta hotmail [(yes 2GB of storage, no extra invites, but I notice that I have 0, which leads me to believe, at some point, I'll get some)] signing up, then progressing from there.

One other favorite part of Live.com is Maps! The aerial view resolution seems a lot better than google's currently. They have very high resolution pictures of many places, one of which is Las Vegas, they call em bird's eye views, its on the left side column (Its a javascript link, or I'd paste it) At least, the places I'm looking for geocaches. :) To get an overview of all of the Live Beta ideas, check this out. I know there are similarities to what Google is doing, (although to be honest, "Who's on first?" is unknown for me, its so dynamic. I think the competition is good for the Microsoft, Google, and us! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no?

Which leads me to the picture below. I captured my screen with Einstein beside OnComputers. It didn't occur to me when I did it, but since we only have one picture, Einstein shows up with the OnComputers Feed. ;)

Hmmm, posting this picture is gonna make it show up too, But Einstein Listens is the last post that shows, so I bet that "big einstein" moves off the page :( and this one shows up.
I guess my point was made ;)

Windows Live
update: According to TechCrunch : Killer New Live.com Service: Street-Side, Live Expo has gone, well, live. ;)

Mike Arrington continues:
Searches can be made by address or business name, and you can “drive” around the city using the arrow keys. See the screen shot below for a visual.

See Robert Scoble’s Channel 9 Video for his interview with the team.

The service will initially target San Francisco and Seattle only due to the massive number of images needed to support make it work (rumors are 10 million + images per city).

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  1. Interesting that it seems to work well in Firefox


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