Monday, March 27, 2006

2 Years of Prison for Downloading Movies?

2 Years of Prison for Downloading Movies?
New German law suggests it...

Posted 2006-03-27 09:15:44

A new law passed in Germany suggests jail-time of up to two years for "casual" downloaders of pirated film or music (private-use), notes Techdirt. One of the defenders of the new law states: "There should be no legal distinction between stealing chewing gum from a shop and performing an illegal download."

From Boadband reports. Caught my eye. Comments?


  1. Gosh, Germany is a little tough on folks stealing chewing gum. Or is that one year for a normal gum pack and two years for a value pack?

    They better increase their prison building schedule fast. Oh and when every parent has a kid in jail for downloading, that law will get changed.

  2. Well, nobody who steals a chewing gum in Germany goes to jail for two years, but that's the maximum amount of time he could get according to the German criminal statute. In realty, these time amounts seems high, but they are never fully applied.

    German Law


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