Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Adware backers named and shamed

The report is called "Following the Money: How Advertising Dollars Encourage Nuisance and Harmful Adware and What Can be Done to Reverse the Trend" and is by The Center for Democracy and Technology. In it, the CDT basically does what Ben Edelman has been doing for a while now; telling us just who supports the adware industry and how it is done. The link takes you to a synopsis in The Register.

Of course, 180 Solutions says adware is no different that television, where people pay for the content by "watching a few ads". I don't quite equate the two; mostly because I can't recall when the ads might have damaged my television or rendered it unusable. Drawing that outrageous parallel is the sort of slimy thing I'd expect from adware folks.


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  1. This is from the article: "Two of the firms identified responded to CDT's requests by establishing ad placement policies, and five more said they already had policies in place. Eleven others - Altrec, Club Med Americas, GreetingCards.com, LetsTalk.com, NetZero, PeoplePC, PerfectMatch, ProFlowers, True.com, uBid and Waterfront Media - failed to respond to CDT's request for information about their ad placement policies. CDT said firms that support nuisance or harmful adware with their advertising dollars deserve increased scrutiny."
    It looks like some of the big companies are going after dial up people. Can we call them arrogant?


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