Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google, eBay and Amazon to Build Own Internet?

Easy now! It's all speculation, fueled by articles like the one above, where Investor's Business Daily's Reinhardt Krause opines that, now that the telcos have gotten permission to extort more money from sites that generate loads of traffic (irrespective of the fact that we, the users, have already paid for the bandwidth once) the "Big 3" sites will simply build their own Internet.

There are huge chunks of radio spectrum up for auction soon. Google could probably afford to do this alone, but will almost certainly combine with the others, and perhaps more partners are in the wings. The rumors say they'll put up a national wireless Internet access system. In reality, it will most likely exclude thinly populated areas, just like everyone else does when their grand plans are detailed. Even so, wouldn't it be nice to see the telcos stuck on their own spit and roasted over the lost income?

This is one to watch.


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