Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here's my note.

This weekend, to celebrate Earth Day, we're going to a park this afternoon and doing a trash pickup, As a result, we won't be present for the show today, but I wanted to point out a couple announcements from computer companies as they celebrated Earth Day. Engadget collated the companies in one lovely post here. Apple, Dell, Sprint, Verizon, etc, etc. Go check it out, see how to dispose of your left over dead computers, responsibly. Google also has a scholastic overlay for google earth, in case anybody interested in that. I'd also like to ask everybody to use compact florescents and unplug the surge strips if nothing you are using is powered up by it (a calculator has been setup to figure out how much you can save by making very small adjustments). A virtual march has been setup (which seems like its right up our alleys, being virtual, and requiring a computer, and no exercise ;) ) at Stop Global sign up, its easy and will keep you informed.

Yes, I know Earth Day was yesterday, technically. But, better late than never ;)
Start today to save the only Earth we have!

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