Friday, April 07, 2006 - Apple launches software to run Windows XP on Intel-based Macs

CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple (AAPL) unveiled new software Wednesday that allows Intel-based Macs to run Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows XP. Apple shares rose nearly 7% in early trading.

The computer maker said its new "Boot Camp" software is available as a download beginning Wednesday. It allows users with an XP installation disc to install XP on an Intel-based Mac.

"Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple's superior hardware now that we use Intel processors," said Philip Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide product marketing. (Comment: Does XP on Macs rock your world?)
Boot Camp's step-by-step guide makes it easier to install Windows software on an Intel-based Mac. It also lets users choose to use either Mac OS X software, or the Windows software when they restart their computer.

Users can download the new Boot Camp software from Apple's website. A final version of Boot Camp will be available as a feature in the upcoming Mac OS X version 10.5 "Leopard."

This surprises me on several levels:
1.) Microsoft would sell more windows if it ran on the Apple intel platform.
2.) Apple is so protective of their hardware. It could be said this is done for usability, but I think the majority of the reasons are market and control.
3.) The anticipated ease that it should work. As opposed to what I expected Microsoft to hash together through some bizarre driver configuration, cause of the Apple BIOS scheme (cause I can't remember the official name ;) ). - Apple launches software to run Windows XP on Intel-based Macs
update: Tech Republic has Images: Installing Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp It really does look easy. The pictures are not really geek enough for me, but I guess it really isn't geeky at all, to the user. As usual, when Apple does it, it works. I did hear an interesting quote about this:
"Will it make Windows run better, or the Mac run worse?" I guess its all a matter of perspective. ;)
further update: Courtesy of The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Vista on a MacBook Pro ZDnet tried to install Vista. How'd it go? You ask??? I guess you have to click over ;)

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