Tuesday, May 02, 2006

End the Whine - May 20th, 2006

Intel powered MacBook Pro laptops have a couple problems, according to this site. They whine like tractors pulling in low gear and tend to run hot. The link above is to a page trying to organize a protest in order to get Apple to recognize this as a problem and fix it. I've seen one and heard it and I must say, it is intolerably loud for a notebook, in my opinion.

The same page has a link to how to reapply thermal paste to the processor/heat sink in your MacBook Pro. Evidently Apple has not done that well enough and doing a better job of it will significantly cool down it's operation. Unfortunately, doing this voids the warranty. But sometimes you just have to and if this is one of those cases, here is the info you need to do the job.


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  1. Based on the headline, I was very curious who's whine you wanted to stop. ;)


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