Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The OQO model 01+ ultra personal computer (uPC)

The company, OQO, calls it the smallest tablet. To me, while it does run XP Tablet Edition, and not one of the versions targeted for the "Origami" Ultra Mobile PCs, it's in between the two concepts.

Until I found myself unable to sleep last night and bored enough to start clicking on ads almost at random, this one had slipped completely under my radar.

It sports a 1 GHz Transmeta Crusoe processor, has 512 MB RAM and a bunch of nice features. With XP Tablet Edition, it goes for just under $2100, which is far too high for my budget. Substituting XP Home or Pro lowers the cost some and MS Office Small Business Edition is available installed. The hard drive is 30 GB in shock mountings. The entire spec list is pretty impressive and goes a fair distance in countering sticker shock.

This one is worth a look, if only to keep up with how the market for fuller featured small devices is shaping up. Personally; if I had the bucks, I'd spring for one. I wonder how they feel about freebies for amateur journalists?


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