Thursday, July 13, 2006

Application UI goes back to basics

Y'all have heard me moan on this subject repeatedly over the years. I'm always telling you how I use a text editor instead of a word processor. They're quicker for most chores and posting to the web, with it's own formatting, is easier and functions better with no formatting. In other words; plain text. Same thing for email. Plus, the files are smaller for sending and storing.

Whether Windows or Linux, I keep a text editor open all the time. In Windows, I prefer Edit Pad Lite, though there are scores of others if that one doesn't suit you and I use Crimson Editor for programming. In Linux I use GEdit, KEdit, Jed or XJed. They're easy to get around in, the user interface encourages quick use for those little scraps of information and they take nothing as far as system resources go. It has been a couple months since I opened a word processor of any kind, and that was only to demonstrate to someone how to do something.

I like my computing experiences to be simple. The less navigation I have to do the more time and energy I have to devote to whatever it is I'm doing, whether work or play. Yes, I'm aware of the duality of my stance. Simplifying the interface to the most complex system most of us will ever deal with seems almost counter-productive, at least until you reap the benefits. Given that the necessary tools are at hand, less really is more.


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