Monday, July 24, 2006

In marriage of 'CPUs and GPUs,' ATI snapped-up by AMD. Is NVidia next? |

To quote the beginning of the article:
In another one of the worst kept secrets in the technology industry, AMD has shelled out $5.4B for Canada-based video and graphics solution provider ATI Technologies. According to the aforelinked Reuters news story:

Talk of a tie-up between the two companies first emerged in May. Over the weekend, the rumors intensified until it was almost considered a done deal on Sunday…Many industry analysts have said it made little financial or strategic sense for AMD to buy ATI outright. But AMD, the No. 2 supplier of processors, said it will use the purchase of Canada-based ATI to expand its product mix and its market share as it battles No. 1 Intel.

This morning, in a before-the-bell, in a press conference giving by the two company's executives, ATI president David Orton referred to the deal as a marriage of CPUs (central processing units from AMD) and GPUs (graphics processing units from ATI).

The reporter, David Berlind, also recorded the conference, it is available to download, details and the rest of the post are at the link below.
In marriage of 'CPUs and GPUs,' ATI snapped-up by AMD. Is NVidia next? | Between the Lines |

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