Monday, August 21, 2006

Wired News: Privacy Debacle Hall of Fame

Wired has the Top 10 list! As additional info to the post below on lack of privacy in search:
The company claimed it was trying to help researchers by providing "anonymized" search information, but experts and the public were shocked at how easy it was to figure out who had been searching on what. Apparently, AOL's anonymizing process didn't include removing names, addresses and Social Security numbers. Although the company has since apologized and taken the data down, there are at least half-a-dozen mirrors still out there for all to browse.

10. ChoicePoint data spill:
9. VA laptop theft:
8. CardSystems hacked:
7. Discovery of data on used hard drives for sale:
6. Philip Agee's revenge:
5. Amy Boyer's murder:
4. Testing CAPPS II:
2. AT&T lets the NSA listen to all phone calls:

You have to go to the article to see the Number 1 "privacy disaster," and the details of the above countdown. Have a great week! ;)

Wired News: Privacy Debacle Hall of Fame

And in an "Ohhh pretty pictures" way check out some aurora pictures from August 7th.

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