Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Microsoft Delays Windows Vista to PC Makers - Yahoo! News

The Internet is abuzz with reports that Microsoft Vista will miss an important deadline, possibly making the operating system slip its launch schedule.

Taiwan PC makers, and Microsoft watcher and journalist Paul Thurrott, have noted that the October 25 date for Vista's release to manufacturing -- or RTM -- has been reset by Microsoft to November 8.

Thurrott, who has written more than a dozen books on Windows and related topics, pointed out that in a recent interview, Jim Allchin, copresident of Microsoft's Platforms and Services Division, admitted that the company wouldn't make its planned RTM date, but did not say whether the final release date would be affected.

Allchin has noted in the past that Microsoft could afford to postpone the RTM date to the second week of November and still meet its January launch schedule for consumer editions of Windows Vista.

Microsoft Delays Windows Vista to PC Makers - Yahoo! News

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  1. The release of Media Player 11 has not taken place as MS had announced, either. Most speculation centers on the integration between MP 11 and Vista. There are security issues that need to be addressed so MP 11 can safely co-exist with MTV's "Urge" music service. MS has to get this one right from the first or suffer an incredible humiliation-even more than the news that Vista's "Patch Guard" has already been breached/bypassed by Authenticum's mainstream security products.


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