Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Taking passwords to the grave | CNET News.com

What are your plans about this? Let us know your solutions in the comments, please. I'd seen this last week, and mentioned it in the chat on Sunday, but Bruce Schneier's posting it reminded me to post it on our blog. There are some options in the comments of that post, too.

William Talcott, a prominent San Francisco poet with dual Irish citizenship, had fans all over the world. But when he died in June of bone marrow cancer, his daughter couldn't notify most of his contacts because his e-mail account--and the online address book he used--was locked up.

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  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    What I did, was to ask my Dad, to put his passwords etc, into a text file and then onto a usb stick, and then use something like Truecrypt to encode them.Then tell my Mum his password for getting into the files. So hopefully when he pops his cloggs my mother, can get access to his online bank accounts etc.



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