Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Increased spam levels connected with aggressive botnet activities

I had subjectively and objectively, using my spam statistics, noticed an increase in spam here at home. I had mentioned it to other members of the OC crew. Now I think I know what has been happening. At least this explains what it could be.

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  1. Since Gail posted this (just a few hours ago) I have found several supporting articles and reports.

    And, of course, Gail's observation tallies with those of myself and my wife. I currently average about 287 spam messages per day on my regular accounts. And my ratio of spam to real mail is on the bad side of 80 to 1 on those accounts.

    I also recently opened a Yahoo! mail account for a special purpose. Apparently, Yahoo! sells mailing lists. I say "apparently" because I do not know for certain. But my brand, spanking new account accumulated 65 spams the second day it was up!

    Email was once the "killer app", giving near instant communication in a free and friendly application. No more. It has now become a burden which forces one to deal with it or run the risk of losing important messages.



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