Friday, January 12, 2007

MPAA's file fakery exposed

Of course the BIG QUESTION is whether or not these 'trash' files are also depositing tracking or other malware on your machines or if they are simply collecting the addresses of the machines connecting to the torrents. One is questionable from a legal standpoint. The other is not.

Beyond that, this is merely confirmation of something we have suspected for a long time. I have compiled a list of some articles to send to parents I know which highlight the dangers of music downloading and sharing online, in the hope they can use the information to keep themselves and their children out of legal and financial troubles. So far; this is just grist for the mill.


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  1. I had read with interest the original blog post about this issue (though the source of the link to the post eludes me). MPAA Caught... ...TorrentFreak They included ips of some of the servers, in case your bittorrent client supports it, or your router. uTorrent, which is my bt client of choice doesn't, as far as I can tell. But me posting it here, might save you one click, because the article Jack linked to, linked to /. which linked to the blog.


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