Sunday, April 22, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) For my first offering this week I’m going to put up some thing I stumbled on earlier this month by accident. I was at a site I put up earlier looking at pictures, when I spotted something I thought I would make my desk top picture for a while (I change them often, easily bored I guess), anyway I was at the Astronomy Picture of the Day site. Looking thru the archives saw one titled The View from Everest; it’s a very cool panoramic picture from the top of Mt. Everest. You can scroll the view by using the right, left arrows. I found the view I wanted right clicked, and then save as desktop background. When I saw what was on the desk top I was pleasantly surprised, the entire panorama was squeezed on to the desk top with very good resolution. The well rounded mountains in the distance were extremely sharp peaks with clouds surrounding them like mist, a very surreal picture, I like it a lot. It is an instant conversation starter when I ask people if they can guess where it was taken. Then go to the site and show them the original.

2) The second one for the week for any one interested in science, and pictures. Ever wondered what a volcanic neck and dyke might look like, a hint Devils Tower from the Close Encounters movie is a volcanic neck. Or how about the difference between Lenticular clouds and Cirrus and Alto-Cumulus clouds, there are lots of pictures of different natural formations from the Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Bio-sphere, all with a brief explanation about how it was formed, and links to more pictures of similar formations.

3) For the Art Bell types how about some pictures of the front, and rear gates at area 51, this site does not seem to be done by a professional, pretty basic picture presentation, but interesting to me because of the amateur feel of the site. There is some information there; I was taken by links to government acts about security. While they explained about trespassing, and photographs, they did not cover the use of deadly force which I had always heard about; I would be interested to read how they can justify killing people who stumble into the area, especially in the days when they said it did not exist. I heard about a guy searching for hidden government sites using Google Maps, and investigating the blocked out areas. Be interested to hear from anyone who might know more about this. Anyway here are the sites. (front gate). gate)..

4) Last but certainly not lest, this has to be the best Space News site I have found they put up stories daily, usually only hours or minutes old. Lots of links to interesting space related sites. Well worth checking out this one if you are space oriented

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