Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Links from the Gregg Zone!"

1) I got an email from a friend the other day with an attachment; the attachment was a picture of a church sign which appeared to be in front of a small town church. The message on the sign said “GOD HATES PEOPLE FROM SIN CITY, STAYING IN ALASKA”. Well other than being right on the point when it comes to my personal situation, and seemingly very coincidental, I have seen so many weird signs, especially on shows like Letterman, and Leno I did not think to much about it, until the confession from my friend Tony (who is insisting I give him credit for anything I use that he sends me, here is said acknowledgement). This link is to a site that will let you put anything you want on your choice of church signs. This can be a lot of fun if you have a mischievous side to your personality; I have purposefully refrained from offering any suggestions here as it could only get me into trouble.
2) For the A-B crowd this week I thought I would offer a link to the Fortean Times, one night last week c2c had a guest who had written a book on Mr. Fort, a Ripley type writer and researcher from England’s past. During the show the guest mentioned the Fortean Times Magazine, I was wondering if it was still around, so I started looking around the net, not only is it still around, they have a online issue. Very interesting reading, and some good links here, check it out
3) Wow!! Tony again two sites in the same week, thanks to Tony for this interesting story from a BBC story released 4-24-07. Kryptonite is no longer just the stuff of fiction feared by caped super heroes. It seems when it was discovered in Jadar (a Serbian mine), they could not identify the substance, and sent it to a specialist for identification. The people doing the research were shocked to find a reference to a substance containing same chemical make up, not in a scientific journal, but in the fictional story of Superman. Link to the BBC story
4) If you have not heard about the Honey Bee problem, you must not be much of a news hound, hives are disappearing world wide. The quote being tossed about is from Albert Einstein “Without the Honey Bee mankind would be wiped off the face of the planet in four years.” I have been reading up on it, here are a few of the links I found.
A decent general article with out the scary side:
A biblical sign of end times:
Caused by Mobile Phones:
Caused by Genetically Engineered BT corn crops:
Viral disease

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