Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft Announces Surface

Major Nelson's Blog was the first video I saw of Surface, and its impressive. Major Nelson writes:

That’s the big rumor that was burning through the web today. Todd over at the Seattle PI has a write up on the official announcement tonight, and more importantly…videos (like the one above) that demonstrate the concept. Here are more stories on Surface from Google News.

P.S. There's a woot-off goin' on!! (You can tell cause of the flashing lights, check out the forum for a list of what they've had and woot trackers) :)


  1. Evidently no one reads these things or even looks at the videos. A half-dozen folks have already commented along lines that there really is no market for a return of Pong consoles.

    While I'm skeptical, this is definitely much more than that.



    there are more. saw a different link somewhere that I neglected to bookmark that had some of these and some other stuff. lots oflab weirdness with surface like computing and music.



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