Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Four Critical Fixes Coming for Windows, IE, Mail

eweek writes:
Microsoft will send out six security bulletins, four of them for problems rated "critical," the company's highest severity rating, on Patch Tuesday, June 12. All four of the most serious vulnerabilities, in Windows and in IE, can lead to systems getting hijacked.

Three of the critical problems are in Windows; one is in Internet Explorer, one is in Outlook Express and Windows Mail, and there is one "important" fix for Visio. Also, a moderate bug has been found in Windows.

Four Critical Fixes Coming for Windows, IE, Mail

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  1. Huffie8:47 PM

    For the IE patch, there was a working trojan (that took advantage of the hole revealed by the patch) circulating on the net by Tuesday afternoon. It's getting so the first trojans to go after revealed IE holes are showing up within 8-12 hours after release of the patches from MS.


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