Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Gregg Zone!

1) To start things off this week, I thought I would explain why I am not going to be doing the show live for a while. For those who do not know, I live in Las Vegas, I have been here for over ten years now. When I lived in Southern California, I was a big fan of horseracing. Well to make a long story short I have decided to start playing the track again. Some of us will try anything not to have to get a regular job.

When I was up there in Alaska with Joe, I started developing a new method of playing based on an encounter at the Gold Coast race book. I followed it on the internet playing on paper only, having no place to bet. Over a five-week period, at two different tracks, the play showed a decent profit. So, I thought I would give it a shot, but they race on Sunday, usually during show time.

I will be taping the show segment for a while, and occasionally come back live when possible. I will also post as part of my blog here an occasional update to let anyone who might be interested know how I am doing.

2) For my first link, I found what has to be the most extensive site for video on the Airbus A380 must be fifty videos here on the plane for anyone interested in what it is like inside, and out.

3) Well you know I have a thing for green cars, I’m not sure I would fit into this one, but at 330 miles to a gallon of gas, I might be willing to try.

4) I have been curious about Nicola Tesla for as long as I can remember the other night I was cruising around reading about him when I stumbled on this page, There are enough stories and links here to keep a Tesla fan busy for a year or two,

5) I am fascinated, at all the change’s the internet is making in our society; and how it will change everything we know, and do in the future. A case in point the way we handle our government. I decided in the beginning when I started this blog to avoid religion and politics, I am going to stretch that just a little here. Can you imagine a future election without YouTube or something very much like it? The potential for change in my mind is staggering. I have seen more of the minor candidates for the 2008 election already than I have seen in all the previous elections combine. For my link here if you have not already seen this give it a look, the power of the internet is on display here,

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