Saturday, September 15, 2007

Attacking multicore CPUs

Somebody gave a talk about this a few months ago at my Linux User's Group. I missed it and I'm sorry I did, now that I have the beginnings of awareness on the topic.

We're always talking about the evolution of the threats against our computers, but rarely in terms of the basic engineering of our systems. While this could be just one more thing to lay awake worrying about, it seems to me it is an opportunity to learn more about the relationship between the evolution (for which read growth, as well) of our computing resources and how that leaves opportunity for security vulnerabilities to surface and be exploited.

Mainly, though, I think this article is a good illustration of how and why we, the user communities, must keep abreast so we can adequately use the security information and tools we are given wisely. Things change in all sorts of ways and the fundamental changes wrought by multi-core and multi-processor systems must be accounted for in our practices.


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