Sunday, September 23, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Just in case you forgot or did not know, the do not call list against telemarketers expires five years after you signed up. This means if you signed up early when it came out, you will soon be up for grabs again. What this means to you is if you wish to be left alone to eat dinner in peace, or do not want to pay for text messages, or calls to your cell phone, you need to renew your preferences. Odd that it should expire, but it does so time to update, this is the place to do it.

2) I saw a kind of scary (at least to me) story, saying that the Arabs are trying to buy 20% of NASDAQ here is a link to that story here, This brought to mind a subject I brought up a week or two back about the tapeworm economy, if you missed that, or found it confusing I found a better explanation. So, if you want to peek at those monsters hiding in the closet check this out or you could always just stick your head in the sand and hope for the best.

3) Here is one of those illusionary sites, just has a little different twist, it mixes your visual, and auditory. Its pretty strange if you watch the guy talk you hear one thing, close your eyes and just listen you hear something different. Your eyes are giving you information that your brain is interpreting incorrectly, causing you to hear what you see, as opposed to the reality of what the sound really is.

4) To close for the week one more of the ways we can save the planet, bring back hemp, not pot, industrial hemp. This is an example of how screwed up our society can get trying to control how we live our lives. Just a couple of things one should know, hemp seeds are the most complete food ever tested, will not get you high just good food, you cannot eat enough to even test positive, like a poppy seed bagel. Hemp per acre is hundreds of times more efficient for paper, could save the rain forests, much better for clothes than cotton, as it requires much less chemicals to grow. It is many times more efficient than corn to fuel cars. The list goes on. This is a good site to start learning about the realties of the subject. Not to mention a suggestion how to make some money in the stock market, or start a new business.

5) I just wanted to add one more quickie as there are only two days left. The guy who bought the Barry Bonds baseball, the record breaker is taking votes as what to do with it, I voted to blast it into orbit, heck why not if the guy can pay seven hundred thousand dollars for a ball, he can afford to put it on the space shuttle. Just thought you might want to do something totally pointless.

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