Saturday, September 01, 2007

Windows Home Server release issues | Tech news blog - CNET

When last we left Microsoft's Windows Home Server software, it was off to manufacturing and we expected to see WHS-equipped hardware show up at our doorstep shortly thereafter. After a post on Microsoft's official Home Server blog, we get the company line as to why we haven't seen HP's MediaSmart Server yet.

Windows Home Server Updates will be automatically available throughout the lifecycle of the product, and the WHS team is working on an update that will be available in September. These updates will enhance the usability and improve the out-of-the-box experience of home server solutions.

This new Microsoft product just now becoming available and they have a Windows Updates planed for September 2007 already!

Microsoft's current plan is to make this update available as part of the monthly Windows Updates process in September.

I am looking forward to trying out this new Windows Home Server.


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