Monday, October 29, 2007

Installing Ubuntu in a VM

We will be playing with Ubuntu 7.10 in a VM Monday night 10/29/07 at 8PM Eastern 4PM Alaska (That's 5PM Pacific)

We will be using Skype if you would like to join us give me a call or email me your contact info if I need to call you.

The two files you will need are: a VM Player
(it is 173MB)
and the image (about 458MB) of Ubuntu 7.10

You will need to unzip (UltimateZip) the file into a folder, (it's a .Rar format) then install the VM Player and tell it to open the image file.

FYI, The VM Player will only let you run a VMimage there are a lot you can download and play with.
Talk to you tomorrow night!

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