Sunday, November 04, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) I was talking to Riley a while back he said he was very interested in some of the online radio links I had been putting up, and was looking forward to more. I thought this week I would dip into that folder on my desktop, the one I just call “radio”. I lost some of the older links I had when I last replaced my computer; however I think I have enough to keep even the unemployed busy for a while. The first one is a big favorite of mine, as an old Art bell fan, and one who likes to try to understand science, and physics, especially the new areas involving quantum physics, string theory, nano-technology, you know those on the edge subjects. Regarding these areas, one of my favorite guests from Art’s show was Michio Kaku. If you liked him as I did, this site is for you. He has a one hour radio show called “Explorations in Science” this site archives the last one hundred shows, along with some other interesting tid bits. So, if you are into science, physics, technology, their trends and politics, this is for you.

2) Next up, let us step a little closer to the edge. This site has some very good paranormal shows and guests, there is a lot here on every subject you can think of from Angels, to Zero Point, not your average mainstream radio that is for sure.

3) Now we have our toes sticking off the edge looking into the abyss, the next site has radio, assorted audio, video, and some links that might challenge your mind set to the limits. It is as I said, the links this week should keep anyone interested in these subjects occupied for quite a while, and this is another very extensive site.

4) This link is another paranormal radio site, mostly interviews with book authors, speakers, and producers of movies, and paranormal media. It is not as extensive as the previous sites, but still a little more to the mix.

5) I have to add one more radio site here while it is not in the paranormal or scientific venue. It is still an old favorite. Lots of extreme political content, fair warning if you are a fan of those right wing talk shows, and you has high blood pressure, you may need to take something in advance to help keep your calm, or avoid it altogether. The content extremely varied both politically, and in the music offered. This is about as far from mainstream radio as it gets but if you like to hear more than one side of an issue, and believe in maintaining an open mind, there is some very good information here.

6) I have to toss in a Gregg Zone item before I go, this is a story about NASA, cities on the Moon, and microbes on Mars. The story dated today 10-31-07, is about the firing of the manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’S Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the manned Apollo Lunar Program. Now he is spilling the beans, this is a must read for anyone interested in UFO’S, aliens, life on other planets, or any of those related subjects.

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