Sunday, November 11, 2007

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) This is a video sent to me that I liked it is one of those three minute; make you think type of videos. Not sure how many others will like it, you know me I am just a little twisted in the way I look at the world. However, I think this little video says a lot about who, and what we are just kind of puts things in perspective.

2) Last week, or maybe the week before, geez I seem to have forgot where I left my memory, anyway I posted the link for the 2001 UFO disclosure movie. You know the one with all the airline pilots, air force generals, and government officials coming out about UFO’s, at the National Press Club in Washington D.C... Well they are going to do it again. November 12 that is tomorrow, some of you may have caught the interviews about it on Larry King Friday show. It will be moderated by Fife Symington the Governor of Arizona he was on the show, along with James Fox film maker of the movie “Out of the Blue” one of the better UFO movies, Colonel Chuck Halt, Nick Pope, and Shirley MacClaine. I am putting up several links about this; first, the written transcript of Larry’s show the video is probably on YouTube now, but not at this time. Next, a press release about the 2007 meeting tomorrow . And, a link to the movie “Out of the Blue” mentioned on Larry’s show, it is in eight parts, there are several other videos here you might like. You can be sure when the video of the press conference comes out you will find a link here in the Gregg Zone.

3) This strikes me as a sign of our times, I am not sure where I come down on it, but you may have a use or interest in this site. This is a map service updated every 450 to 900 seconds showing worldwide terrorist activity, gang activity, illegal alien activity, and soon to be added Amber Alerts, Bird flu reports, and I assume a host of others. This is a clickable google-earth type map, with various icons showing alerts, and locations of the events. You may navigate, and zoom, I am sure there are other features I did not find when I was there. You can click for related news stories if there is a URL for them.

4) I decided to update myself on the red rain phenomena that occurred a few years back in Kerala India off the Malabar Coast. I was curious if they had made any progress proving, or disproving whether or not it constituted an alien life form. I was totally amazed when they had the first incident back in 2001. The subject sort of dropped off my radar, until a few days back I had heard there was another happening recently. Checking into it seems there has been some new research, but not much progress. For those who have no clue what I am talking about there was a red colored rain that contained living cells, about the size of human blood cells, but they were very different form anything found on earth. For starter’s no DNA, they reproduce at temperatures exceeding 500 degrees, and pressures exceeding 300 lbs per inch. And, as yet still no evidence of DNA, the linked article was last up dated November 5,

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