Thursday, January 03, 2008

iCali | My Top 10 Gadget List for 2007

I thought this was a great list, and everything is on my wish list ;)
I'd put the drobo (though its expensive) and the evolve wireless speakers as #1 and #2.
A video version of this list can be found at GeekBrief.TV Cali's daily vidcast.
As an added plus (like you really need one :P ) there's a link to hulu invites at the link below.


iCali |My Top 10 Gadget List for 2007
4BAY Drobo Fully Automated Sata Robotic Storage Array USB 2.0 (This is an Amazon associate link, but I plan on sharing any revenue with the bloggers here.)
EVOLVE WIRELESS Speaker system FOR IPOD,MP3 Player (same disclaimer as above)

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