Sunday, January 13, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone!

1) Sometimes, something comes along that makes you smile, feel good, and affects you at a deep level, leaving you knowing there is a lesson to learn, some kind of message involved. Well this little video is like that, almost like one of those Aesop’s Fables from childhood illustrating a basic moral with a story. Except this is real life, not a story made up like a fairy tale. This shows how the world could be if you eliminate the predator / prey relationship from an encounter between individuals even as diverse as a cat and bird. We are after all a predator species, and we show it in so many ways. It seems to me that I see it in the conflicts between nations, groups of people formed into organizations like unions, businesses like insurance and loan companies, individuals as in criminal behavior, right down to the local used car sales man. Check it out this one will make you smile I guarantee, it might even hit you at a deeper level, like me.

2) This new invention made me think about that song that went "In the year twenty-five / thirty-five your arms will be hanging limp at your sides". However, it is really a very cool tool and I would like to have one. There would be no more aching back in the morning, I can think of a thousand things I would like to try with this one. I thought rather than a war machine, it would have more potential for the disabled than anything I have seen come along for a very long time. I suppose it is just another example of that predator nature of ours, war first because we seem to think it is much cooler than compassion. Any way you really should check this one out, I liked it a lot.

3) Have you ever wondered how Google came up with their name? Or, what is the meaning of the word? I have run into many people who had no clue about either. I found this last week by accident, it is from Carl Sagan’s COSMOS series during the early eighties, I remember seeing it on T.V., and I have quoted it often over the years. He talks about a Google, and a Googolplex, the origin of the number, and an example of just how big a big number can be. On the T.V. show, he was relating how big the numbers in astronomy are, and how difficult it is for the human mind to grasp those concepts.

4) I seem to have a lot of video this week well this is one more, sent to me by our friend in Southern California (and, no it is not necessary to send the kids out of the room). It is a slide show of an annual event in China done with snow and ice, almost on a Disneyland scale. We could never do it here the cost of labor would put it over the top. But, it is very interesting what can be accomplished using just snow ice and lights.

5) Last, but not least something green, this one sent to me by Gary another friend who often listens to the show. An article from Scientific American Magazine about ethanol seems corn is not the way to go. Seems there is a prairie grass that has much more potential than corn, with a higher yield using marginal land. One of the problems I had with corn for fuel was using land better suited to grow food, somehow I did not like that trade off. This looks like the way to go to me, check it out, maybe you will agree.

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