Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why I really like Amazon!

I thought this might interest some of you, and its all part of my so far failed amazon experiment. :)

I have become a real fan of Amazon as gas prices increase, I can have UPS do the driving for me. This is a real bargain for me, because I belong to Amazon Prime account, and for $75 per year, you can get free 2 day shipping (I don't know what happens out of the lower 48 states). I also am trying what amazon calls "subscribe and save," that saves you 15% on everything that you have setup for a regular order. I also like to take advantage of the half price deals on things I normally buy. I will admit that I've been burned buying things on sale, or by accident, but I chalk that up to education (Who knew the kids would hate the teriyaki rice crisps??? :P ).

Amazon is having a 50% off Sci-Fi television series DVD sale. If you want to find the deals, go to Amazon, and on the left side "Shop all departments," go to "Movies, Music & Games," "Movies & TV." Then you look on the right side and the 3rd box from top shows the link to the half off sci-fi tv shows and then The first thing I looked for was Star Trek, The Original Series, because I heard that one was very expensive. Unfortunately they didn't have it, but they did have a few seasons of Doctor Who, Stargate and Dark Angel.


ok, first attempt failed: Here's another :)
Final attempt sucks! I hate the length of url's with Amazon, and I have tried to figure out how to do it simply, but its still eluding me. My apologies, but thank you for your patience with my experiment.

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