Sunday, April 13, 2008

Links from the Gregg zone

1) To start, the geek meet weekend show links this week I am posting a link to an article about storage of data. The goal of this group is to put a full petabyte of information on a single disc. To put that in perspective 20,000 times what fits on today’s blue ray disc or 200,000 DVD’s without increasing the size of the disc. They are looking at several options, such as, color spectrum, dimensions, layering, and nano technology.

2) This is a link I found the other day I thought was interesting it is the only free open internet-rating site. They provide audience profiles for over 20,000,000 sites. They are primarily for advertisers, but it is interesting to look up sites and see what type of audience is using the site. For instance, oncomputers ranks 859,387, mostly male, mostly over 55, mostly under 30k per year, mostly Asian, mostly no children in house hold. There is a statement that these results are based on insufficient data, and there is an option to “get qualified”, if we wanted, I suppose that would improve that accuracy

3) Here is a very good audio/video site while there is an incredible amount of stuff here since this is geek meet I thought I would just highlight the computer section. Five-hundred-sixty items on the archives of the Computers Chronicles T.V. show broadcast for twenty years 1983-2002. Other shows available include The Digital Tipping Point, Net Café, Internet Governance, BBS Documentaries, several Linux groups. That is just part of the section covering the computer. I also found such things as the original ads for the Commodore, among many others. I found this stuff under Moving Images, browse from the main page.

4) A link to an article in Wired Magazine about the Chinese using Trojans to spy on us has spurred the latest Microsoft’s patches. Seems the Tibet issue is not limited as far as spying tactics are concerned when it comes to the Chinese Government. I am not sure I like the direction all this seems to be moving.

5) Last link before I have to head for downtown and meet the group for our prim-rib buffet at Fitzgerald’s casino, the ten weirdest computers. An article posted yesterday in the New Scientist Tech Magazine. I need to hurry so I’m just going to say here is the link, by.

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