Sunday, May 11, 2008

Links from the Gregg zone

I need to start the week with an apology for last weeks missing blog. While most of the events that caused me to go blogless for the week were beyond my control. It seems I lost all of the links, except this one from Riley . As for the rest of the links, I thought I had them saved somewhere, but when I started looking for them in order to get the blog up, they had disappeared into the Gregg Zone. I will try to get them and post them sometime during the week.

1) First link up for the week as I often do will be the green link for the week. Having trouble with gas prices? This may be for you, I ran across this link about having your own personal Ethanol Refinery in your own back yard. This was just unveiled last Thursday by a company called “Micro Fueler” Their target price is $1.00 per gallon, while I see holes in the idea for the masses, it may work well on an individual basis, worth checking out at this link.

2) Next up a product trying to be along the green line, I think it is more in the realm of very cool, oh and just a little dangerous. We are talking hybrid here though it sure is not a Prius. What do you think about a cross between a Segway, motorbike, and a unicycle? It is totally electric powered, 40mph, and very spiffy if I was still twenty years old would probably be in trouble.

3) As long as we are looking at cool stuff, here is another concept I really like. I used to fold and fly paper airplanes like most youngsters. The idea of launching one off the Empire State Building was high on my wish list. Well we all grow up, but some of us keep the dreams alive. There is a group of serious people getting ready to launch a bunch of origami planes from the Space Station. Wow would I have liked to be in on that, I hope they pull it off. Of course if they do they may have to pay a lot to get it back on Ebay.

4) Here is my geek link for the week, as usual while it sounds very cool to me; I have to admit I really have no idea what they are talking about, over my pay grade. So forgive me if it is old, lame, and uninteresting. But, if it is a good one give me credit for getting lucky. It is a DYI link (the “build it link”, has directions to build your own).

5) This is a link to an article which I suppose may affect me, seems inter-net addiction has been given a DSM-V number by The American Psychiatric Association. While I do not fit any of the three subgroups mentioned in the article, the general symptoms are another story. There are quite a few copy and paste type papers to google, I may need to read a little further.

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