Sunday, May 18, 2008

Links from the Gregg zone

1) My first link up for the week, as usual will be something with a green tint, and as usual dealing with technology. After all, if we are to survive our situation it will be advances in technology that gets us out of the mess we are currently suffering from. This has evidently been around for a while, but it was news to me so I thought I would post it in case some of you missed it. It was evidently part of the movie “Hunt for Red October” I have seen the movie put just put it in my queue at Netflix, because I do not remember. Anyway, check it out, called magnetohydrodynamics or MHD, uses magnetic energy to push seawater for propulsion. No moving parts, silent, low cost and almost pollution free.

2) Next up is my cool video link for the week. You must have seen those animated drawings where they flip through the pages of a tablet creating the perception of movement. Well this is one where an artist named “Blu” did it in South America with stop photographs, and graffiti on the walls of Buenos Aries. It took him the entire summer, and I believe that for sure.

3) All right staying with the concepts of cool, art, and technology, but getting a little geeky. If you have not seen this yet, and are into your digital camera, this will knock your socks off. How about a device you can buy for your current digital camera that will give you billion-pixel panorama shots. These pictures are zoom capable, and will allow you to navigate the entire picture panning from side to side. And. What would be the cost for such a device? About $300.00 plus the cost of the software, that is probably included.

4) Another rather geeky item I ran across, aimed mostly at gamers, but it may have other applications. We are talking about a peripheral monitor, this is a nice link dealing with this concept, there is a very good video showing and explaining the devise. I would like to try this, but I think in the end, it would give me a headache.

5) This has to be one of the most interesting articles I have run across in quite awhile. This may very well be worth the price of admission all by itself. This lady, Chrissy has got to be the world’s best shopper, and proves if you are willing to do the homework, you too can perform these shopping miracles. Try imagining going in to a Target buying $380.00 worth of merchandise, and paying 2 cents at the register. Granted that was her best trip ever, and she was very proud of it, but all I can say is WOW.

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