Friday, May 02, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy Heron: Beyond the Hype and into the Dilemma

Bruce Byfield has written a pretty good review of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron's place in the market. He concentrates mainly on the tension between "free" software and proprietary extensions. For those of you who have wondered exactly what that argument is about, this is for you. Byfield lays it all out succinctly and accurately.

I'm an Ubuntu fan. I'm a Linux and free software advocate. There are problems in paradise, though, and Byfield has laid them out in an easy to understand form. Well worth your time.


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  1. One thing I see in the article, is Hardy being compared to a Fedora release, for number of new features. For those not in the know, Fedora is the development branch for Red Hat. So Fedora is expected to be bleeding edge and maybe not that stable. Hardy on the other hand is meant to be a very stable release, usable by both experienced and novice Linux users.

    Also mentioned in the article is the balancing act that is being done over "non-free" drivers. This is a narrow line to walk, when you have purists on one side, and the average user that just wants things to work on the other.


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