Sunday, June 08, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Not to sure how green this car is, but BBC says it is the worlds cheapest. That statement causes one to ponder the term cheap. Just how cheap would the world’s cheapest car be? Well this car fresh off the line is $2,500.00; I would have to say that’s cheap considering today’s prices. I don’t think I would want to get in any arguments with SUV’s.

2) This is one of those links I am going to post feeling there must be more to the story. If the short videos are on the up and up, they will justify my stance on cell phones. If anyone out there has the ability to try this I would like to hear about it, but email me no phone calls.

3) The next couple of links are on the subject of my paranoia concerning the invasion of the computer related side of my life. First up an article about using a toaster to hack a computer. While that sounds a little absurd given all the talk around here about heat control in your computer, the general drift about the subject I find disturbing

4) Related to the last link another hacker worry story. Seems this guy using a computer hooked to the television in a hotel can hack into everyone staying at the property, heck maybe the whole chain world wide, why not?

5) Last link for the week is going to be a new gadget the new Polaroid Photo Printer, what caught my eye about this was the Zink Paper. Could this be the return of the concept of film, what made Kodak, Fuji and the other giants so big, was rhe need to use film, a required medium, like ink cartridges for printers.

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