Sunday, June 22, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) At the time of writing this on Friday night the 21st of June, 2008, even though I am not big on birthdays, and the like. I must acknowledge a rather auspicious event that happened on this day sixty years past on this very day in Manchester England. According to a linked article here the modern computer as we know it had its sixtieth birthday today. This was the first programmable computer with rewritable memory a whopping 128 bytes, check out the article with a video clip here.

2) As my green link of the week another offering about the water fueled car, this has become a favorite topic of mine. Seems a company in Japan Genepax, just last week announced their new car, running on water. I have seen an awful lot of stuff about this subject, mostly on the fringe and rather questionable, But operating on the principal where there is smoke, you may find fire, I keep my hopes alive. There are two links here the first I ran across from Reuters at engadget with video, released on June 12, and the other at Wikipidea, they already have a reference page. Very interesting stuff. 1) 2)

3) Well for link number three I want to start by reviewing a link I posted last week for the new Netflix viewer for your television. I got it and installed it yesterday, it works great, installed in about a half hour, very simple and easy. This is the direction I believe television is headed. In a few years we will not even recognize the way we watch today. As another aside to this concept I offer a link to an article about hoe Hulu is kicking YouTubes tale. The main problem I see to the way most of the online T.V. sites are working is the program guides, when those are modified to the skill level of average people watch out. Article link here and here is YouTube's response to that article.

4) Link number four is offering a spot to do some future preparation for what
will surly be a host of future links coming up. What can I be referring to, well just think about the date, December 23rd 2012 is only a little over four years away. Here is a Wiki page to get you started in regards as to what will surly be one of the main topics around the water cooler very soon. Why not have some ammunition in your corner, there are a lot of quick reads on the major topics, and people here.

5) My on the lighter side link for the week, I have always liked puzzles of different forms. Here is an online free puzzle link, one of many I am sure, but I have managed to waste several hours here with puzzles that I liked. So I thought I would pass it along

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