Sunday, August 03, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well here we are again, to start us off this week as usual a green link. How about a kit to build your own street legal, plug in electric personal vehicle for an affordable price, about $3400.00? The market for this type of device is about to explode, that is just a personal prediction, but I really believe it. I think those classified ads in the back of magazines like popular mechanics will be the bell weather. Of course the internet will be the main place, but look for the old mediums to denote a move into main stream.

2) This is a link into what seems to me like a disturbing direction society is headed in, a use of advanced technology to track every individual on the planet. Given the use of millions of cameras by the British, the new confiscation laws of lap tops at air ports (currently only entering or leaving the country, I see that as an ice breaker). This is just one of those seemingly necessary tools of law enforcement, but it is the trend that concerns me, how long before the technology is used in a more sinister way.

3) Here is a link to some thing I thought fell into that area between useless and ridicules, but then who am I to judge, I will leave that up to you. Let me just say smell alarm.

4) My apology to who ever I was talking to when they brought this up as a possible link. I have forgotten who it was that suggested it to me as a possible link, so I cannot give credit. But, thanks when I remembered to check further into it, it turned out to be a definite link for the zone. I believe I first linked to the Antikythera Mechanism that 2000 year old computer found by sponge divers a long time ago, but for any one that missed it here is the Wikipedia link, seems they have found a new twist, evidently it was used to track the Olympics also. What with the games coming up I thought it might be an interesting read, here is a link to the article

5) Leaving on a lighter note this site struck me as pretty cool. Reading an article about how people no longer know the words to the songs they down load due to there not being a print out of the lyrics, like in the old days. When I was younger all the record albums had the lyrics for every song, so when you were singing along you made sense. This site is about the most misheard lyrics, coupled with the real lyrics. Interesting site, even the name of the site is from a Jimmy Hendrix song, it was excuse me while I kiss the sky, not kiss this guy. There are thousands of them, and you can add your own if you want to.

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