Sunday, August 10, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well to start off as usual a little something green, although this week it is not a gadget or new technology. It is something a little closer to my heart, well actually maybe my stomach. I ran across this article in the New York Times about gardening for the, well lets just call them the more relaxed gardeners among us. If you have thought it would be nice to eat fresh grown fruits and vegetables, locally farm raised meats, but you know, who has the time and or energy for all that. Well there is an entrepreneur living on the west coast who may offer you an out. They do all the work, and leave the box of goodies on the porch, if only I had the money,

2) I am sure you noticed that the Olympics are on, might make a low audience for the show this week, but that is another matter. I thought I should post a few sites dealing with the quad-annual event. Most of these were sent to me by Joe, the first one I am using deals with computer security. Very interesting they are talking about how it is for journalist, when you think about it, the way China is when it comes to the inter-net and their semi-paranoid attitude when it comes to their image, human rights and all. The video here is very good, even at my pay grade I found it quite interesting. I looked up one of the suggested sites in the video on computer security, this is a site written for people dealing with human rights. Lots of links here.

3) Another link to watch the Olympics online, they have lists of places to go and follow them, although I have been willing to put up with my big screen LCD T.V. in the living room, beer and a recliner, but for the hard core here is a site from Wired to find links galore.

4) While we are on the subject of T.V. here is a link from Uncle John, a T.V. for free on the net site, not live T.V., but they have tons of old, and new T.V. programs in complete episodes. If you like the Simpsons, E.R., or whatever it is probably here for the watching. I have been having trouble with overload of what is available to absorb my free time, but the site is easier to navigate than most, check it out at

5) I try to stay out of politics, and religion when doing my links, but this one was one I ran across that I just thought was to good to let slide, I am going to try and keep to myself out of trouble by not commenting on it for fear of exposing my political leanings and inviting those weird emails. I will leave the details up to you.

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