Sunday, August 31, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off with the green links this week I am going to skirt the issue of avoiding political involvement by putting up two links one for each side and asking you to please get involved in understanding the positions they represent. These sites have the parties energy plans spelled out with their goals and objectives, read them to help you decide where your support should be. I truly believe we are at a major turning point in our history; we need to do something to change direction, because we cannot sustain the path we are on. Please take the time to educate yourselves so you can participate in saving ourselves from the inevitable. First link to John McCain’s Lexington Project Second link to Baraack Obama’s New Energy for America’s plan
2) Next up something a little geeky Joe and I ran into this earlier today google-goofing the subject of RFID hacking start off with an article in Wired now where to get the stuff and a little more on using it at Think Geek
3) Staying in Meek Mode for another link I think you will like this a lot. This is a link to the video presentations at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference earlier this year; they emphasize the new technologies that seem to have the greatest chance to take off in the future. Some very interesting stuff here.
4) Now a little of that over my pay grade material, but most likely of interest to anyone involved in the computer world. It has been around for a while, so it may not be new to you, but if it is you might want to check it out. Called The Risk Digest, it is a “Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems”, with a searchable listing of over 2,000 issues dating from 1985 to the present.
5) Last something from the land of weird, actually very weird. Seems there is a woman in Indonesia who has wires growing from inside of her body, it has been going on for seventeen years, and doctors are clueless. It made me think about Morgellons Disease if you have not heard about it here is a link to a news story on YouTube.

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