Sunday, November 23, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting with that old familiar green car link that seems to be becoming a trend for me. This is a link to what is granted a niche car; it would not work well in most applications. But, it sure looks like fun, and would keep you and a few friends in shape, so it is not only green, but healthy. I am talking about a human powered car that can hit 60 mph. That seems pretty good to me, it is made for one to four people, the car mechanism is like a cross between the old railroad pump type track cars, and a rowing machine. It seats four people, and up to four can contribute to powering the car. It can also be operated by full electric as a NEV, it is street legal, sells for around fifteen grand, available now. It has an electric motor that can charge on the down hill, and then assists on the uphill. Also can be re-charged as a plug in.

2) This is another car link I am sorry I found two this week that I just had to use. If you have not been keeping up on the Think car you might want to check out this article from CNN Money this may be the breakthrough electric car for us here in the States. They are talking about selling in the U.S. next year. Starting between 15-17,000 dollars, that’s pretty good considering the lowest price all electric production vehicle in the states now is the Tesela, at 100k plus, and they are only planning to produce 200 units this year. There are some very big names behind this car, and a lot of investment capital. There business plan, and production methodology are fantastic and are going to put the big three at big risk. This may be the next VW bug to hit the U.S. market. I am putting up two links here one for the article in CNN And, another for the Sterling engine mentioned in the article, I could have done a segment on this alone, a very good read, with lots of related links.

3) Next up I have three green links sent to me from Troll in the chat room, you know that the NEV market is picking up when you find an online parts store selling replacement parts for several companies, usually the only place you can get parts is from the original manufacture, this site also sells a variety of new units The second link here about some of the green cars moving into the California market, And the third about green living ideas, I particularly liked the article on Energy Efficient Mortgages what a great idea, I really like that concept.

4) I was following up on the Space Elevator one of my very early links, thought I would post an update on what’s going on for 2008, they just had the 2008 Space Elevator Conference sponsored by Microsoft in mid July I was hoping to find some reference to what went down on the net, not much luck yet. If you happen to run across something please let me know. I am posting two links one to the Wikipedia listing, and one for the 2010 challenge,

5) Last up get an early jump on the upcoming Black Friday sales event coming up on the 28th next week. Plan well, so you get the most for your investments, two sites the first a rather extensive site with lots of ads, here is another this one has the advantage of being able to select a category, or store to help your search google will get you many more for sure, if these don’t fit the bill.

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