Sunday, December 21, 2008

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) For my eco-start this week, I have one of those how did everyone miss this, what should have been obvious energy producing idea. This is a great idea; the only drawback I can see is the obvious cost of starting it up. Not sure the numbers work out as far as return verses investment, but I sure like the concept. Would be something that should be considered in new construction, and that’s for sure. It’s a simple idea install piezoelectric generators under roadways, railroads, and air ports. Here is a link to the company with the patent. The video although having no audio explains it well with graphics and text.
2) This is a link for those who like odd stuff. The link opens to some of the most bizarre buildings in the world, but on the side bars you can find a ton of links to other oddest in the world subjects. One of those fun sites to spend a few minuets tripping on just how weird we humans are.
3) I am involved in one of my projects concerning changing some of my eating habits, lose a little weight, eat healthier, and all that. While researching some sites on healthy foods I ran across this one. Very extensive the link opens on a page listing the top 100 healthiest foods. If you click on anything in the list it gives you extensive information on that particular food. I was thinking about printing the info on one of the items for a neighbor, I thought before I hit the button I would check to see how much information there was on that item. It was 35 pages needless to say I changed my mind.
4) I just had to put up at least one link about something innovative regarding a car. I just seem to be attracted to the changes in this field, after all the cars we have driving around today will be the Model A’s of tomorrow. Check out this one a very interesting concept, they have taken the body exterior and are making it out of a cloth type material, as in flexible. Looks very cool, not sure how practical. But, it is by BMW and that means they must be seriously considering the concept.

5) Well for my geek link I resisted the new geek toys for Christmas concept; you know the USB coffee warmer for $15.00 and all that, for something a little more serious. This is a site with some very interesting articles about how computers are affecting human evolution as a species. This is an interesting line of study for me, the concept that our evolution is moving at an exponentially increasing rate because of technology. The article that brought me here was on whether the digital world is causing the rewiring of the human brain. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much additional information on the subject is here.

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