Sunday, March 15, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Well for the green link of the week, a little doomsday stuff concerning the global warming issue. This is an article talking about the ice sheets in Antarctica; the whole issue would bother me a lot more if I was twenty years old as opposed to my current sixty-two, none the less the numbers are a little scary when you add them up. This one says that in Antarctica just the west sheet can raise levels two hundred feet, if you toss in the east sheet, the Arctic, Greenland, Etc. we are talking some big numbers. Even if it is only say 5% of that in the next twenty years, be nice if I had 20+ left, well maybe I will see things get interesting. Article here
2) Talking with Joe today the subject turned to pyramids, he was watching a show on Chariots of the Gods. I was reminded about the Bosnia Valley of the Pyramids, thought it had been quite a while since I checked in on them. They are getting ready to have a conference shortly. Any way there is some new stuff on their web site, so I thought I would throw it up here for anyone who has not been keeping up.
3) Well here we go again seems science is getting closer to finding God again. Well the God Particle anyway. Namely the Higgs Boson physics is really in a major turmoil these days. I looked at several articles on this, not sure I can understand exactly what they are looking for. But, I find a perverse sort of enjoyment watching the show; it is really amazing how the more we learn, the more we realize how much we do not know. This is just one of the articles, but they are mostly the same, Google is your friend if you want more.
4) I probably should have reversed this one with the first one, but it is late and I am lazy, so the car link goes here. Joe sent me this earlier in the week. The Tata is going to be released this year in Europe. This is that car company in India I wrote about last year with the world’s cheapest car. Well they found some very well off friends, and will be releasing a total electric car in Europe this year. I said a while back I think they will be the next Volkswagen. Would like to see the Think car come out also, but this is an interesting read so check it out.
5) I was going to use this as the geek link last week, but did not so I will offer it now. From Popular Science an article on Microsoft’s predictions, two videos one from 1992 predicting what we will see in 2004, and the new one predicting what we will see in 2014. The problem is they are almost the same predictions, kind of makes me think about that flying car they promised me by the year 2000. Oh well maybe next time, any way interesting article links to both videos.

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