Sunday, March 22, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Wow this just may be it, and I mean the big it. One of the major problems with the electric car concept has always been that nasty recharging time. We have gotten so used to just going to the gas station and filling up in a few minuets. That idea of even four hours, much less overnight just did not cut it. Well there may have been a major breakthrough announced last week. How about a full recharge in nine seconds, if it works as well as it sounds that is faster than any pump I ever pulled up to. It also means you would have charging stations selling electricity instead of gas, so if you were going coast to coast, it would not be a problem, check it out here, wow can we find out where to invest a buck or two.
2) This is one that Troll sent me a week or two back, I meant to use it last week while Gail was traveling, with a cute remark of some sort, but I forgot. Getting old is a pain in the…..well everywhere. Any way it just reinforces my lack of interest in the whole cell phone thing. Title says it all $27,000.00 to watch a Bear game.
3) I was at a old favorite site a couple of days ago looking for something new about dark matter, and it dawned on me that I never put it up so I thought I would correct it here. If you have not been to the main Hubble site, you really should check it out, a lot of interesting stuff.
4) As if my mind has not been sufficiently twisted trying to keep up with what is new in technology, I had to run into this. I have been talking off and on about nano-tubes since week one or two, when I first brought up the space elevator. There have been several applications that I thought were exceptional, but this, wow. The article is about the worlds lightest material, a sheet covering a full acre would weigh one ounce. That is only the beginning, push it one way it is stronger than stainless steel. Pull it another way it stretches more than a rubber band. Apply an electrical current and it can be used as artificial muscles. Anyway here is a link to a most interesting article.
5) Not sure what to make out of this one, could go in many directions I suppose. On some levels it makes me shutter, and laugh at the same time, but the link seems to be a good fit here. Man has a USB drive embedded in his finger.

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