Sunday, March 29, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Starting off the week I need to do a follow up on the Earth Hour link I blogged on earlier in the week. I put it up on the blog early before the show, because I wanted anyone who found it to be able to observe it. The news of the event has not been easy to find tonight, as it is still going on some places. The link I posted is from the local paper about the strip, I shut down most of the house and went to the roof of the parking garage at the Palms, I hate to say it but I was disappointed. From where I was I could not see much, but I was not moved enough to go to the strip, in retrospect I should have, maybe next year. I will try to find more during the week, maybe report back next week, R.J.'s link here Also a cool picture of what the night sky should look like, also a very cool site, for astronomy geeks to find wall paper.
2) Speaking of darkness, I ran across mention of “New England’s Dark Day” in an article a while back that set me to Googling, turned out to be an interesting read. This was May 19th 1780, reported in all the papers of the time, it was pitch black at mid day. The cause has been speculated on ever since, main contention forest fires. Seems like if that was the cause it should have repeated many times since then. Link is to the most complete article I found on the subject,
3) My next link is for those who just cannot quit smoking. Seems like you may not have to, enter a technological solution. Well maybe, electronic cigarettes are hitting the market. I remember when I was smoking they came out with several fake cigarettes, they did not impress me much, maybe these are better. It has been so long I find the whole thing kind of humorous, but then I no longer have the problem.
4) For my Troll link of the week, thanks for the help Troll. I like this one a wind powered car that set a speed record, 126 mph no less that’s moving right along. While not practical for the road, I still think it is pretty cool. The power of the wind presents a fascinating array of possibilities. There is a venturi tube effect at one of the casinos caused by the shape of the building that just amazes me every time I go there.
5) Geek link of the week also thanks to Troll; seems that streaming gaming is getting a boost. An article dated last Tuesday says a new start up company OnLive launched at the game developers conference, will offer high quality gaming on low end machines via the cloud. Sounds very cool, even to me, I mean I’m still on Spider, and Minesweeper, but the article impressed me, so check it out here.

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