Sunday, April 12, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) To start off the week I decided to use a site that originated from something Troll sent me a while back dealing with human powered flight. While this is not that site it is one I ran across while googling around looking for some current information. The link is to a section of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s main site, dealing with human flight and the Kremer Prizes. Has me wondering if the design factors running around in my head would qualify, and of course if they would work. Anyway I very much like the idea of riding a bicycle twenty feet off the ground, what a smooth, and quiet experience that must be,
2) This is a link that is admittedly “loosely” connected to the holiday, suggested by Joe last week to post something on Easter Eggs. I thought I would look for the definitive site on the subject. This has to be it, 13,112 eggs, and of those 31 new ones in the last two weeks. They are broken down into 7 categories, DVD, Software, Movies, Music, TV, Books, and Art. I think they missed a category as I have heard of them being added to circuit boards. Anyway if this is something you like to look for this is a great place to start. I have a friend who used to have Easter egg parties; they would get DVD’s then watch the movies and eggs, just another excuse for wings, and beer. Anyway, here is the link
3) This one comes compliments of JohnnyK26 via the show, thanks Johnny. It’s those guys at MIT at it again, this time they have found a way to build batteries on a nano scale using a virus. I mean just how cool is that, they grow them in just plain water, and at room temperature, can there be a greener way to build a battery, I don’t think so. While they did not get into the details of using them on a nano level, saw an article on the worlds smallest motor once, it was a tenth of the width of a human hair, if I remember. But needed external power source, this would solve that also. Anyway this is a must read, and it is from a NPR page with an audio link to the story. Thanks again JohnnyK.

4) This is another sent to me by Troll as a follow up to a subject I referred to last week, the Rod links. I have always liked to read both sides of a story, if the story is solid it should stand up to the debunkers, and if we are unwilling to consider other points of view we limit ourselves, and our understanding. I like weird stuff, conspiracies, and any thing on the edge of the accepted paradigm. But, I also like to read the debunkers, and weigh both sides. This link to Wikipedia article I must admit seems to have the Occam’s razor explanation of the phenomenon, and has pretty much put it to rest for me. Thanks Troll, check it out here
5) This is a stretch for a geek link this week, but it does involve the use, or better put misuse of computers, and facial recognition software. In a new, and on some level disturbing way. How about a new billboard sign that is personally aimed at you. The camera gets your picture analyses your features, categorizes your features, runs a logarithm, and then offers a tailor made ad just for you. Stop the planet I want off.

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