Sunday, May 03, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) For my green link this week I am going back to basics, do we really understand what is causing the problem? I have often noticed that it seems the more sure people are about something, the more likely it is they have overlooked something important. While I am sure we humans fit into the equation in a big way, when it comes to climate change causation it just seems their may be some missing pixels. This is a very interesting article about our current sun cycle, which is nothing like any thing we have seen so far. Of course when we look at the life time of the sun, and do the math we have only been observing it for the equivalent of a nano second or so.
2) For my second offering I am going to the very cool, but with a few little hidden thought provoking twists. This is one of the better illusions I have seen, it looks to be a picture of Albert Einstein, but if you back off the monitor seven or eight feet, from a distance it morphs into Marilyn Monroe. It reminds me of those objects I see by the side of the road in the distance that morph from an animal into a tree trunk. In an odd sort of way it illustrates many things in our lives other than vision. How many points of view have you had about something from opinions of people and politics, to views on theories of science, religion or whatever, only to have them morph into something else upon closer examination?
3) I cannot remember for sure who sent me this one, I think it was Troll, but it may have been Joe, as it has been in my show stuff folder for a few weeks. But, thank you. This has to be the definitive site on the Aurora, better known as the Northern Lights. If you have any curiosity about them, or just want to see what Joe is talking about when he refers to them, this is the place to go. The site is put up by Michigan Tech, and has everything from, forecasts and maps, causes and effects, to as many images as you could want.
4) This is another of those definitive sites covering a subject to the nth degree. If you are at all interested in the Kryptos Sculpture at the C.I.A. headquarters, or if this is new to you and you want to read up on it, view videos on it, well this is the place. It is a fascinating read, I am not to sure what I think about the whole thing, but that is just not unusual. I will leave my opinions lying on the cutting room floor of my mind, and leave it up to you to try and make sense of it.
5) And now, the geek link of the week, what could be better coming from the zone than the “global warming” of the internet. An article predicting we will run out of band width in the near future. Reducing the internet to an unreliable toy around 2012, funny how that year keeps coming up in the oddest places, usually about something dire. Anyway they make what seems to be a plausible case for a rather unfortunate end to our fun. I also learned another new term from the article though, just when I thought I might digest the concept of a petabyte, now I have to think about an exabyte, (billion trillion). Read it here,

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