Sunday, May 17, 2009

Links from the Gregg Zone

1) Okay right off I am going to use my green spot to bring up an old worldwide improvement that the advent of the computer promised us years ago. But, seemed to miss the mark. Supposedly there would be a major reduction in paper usage due to e-paper, well that sounded good; unfortunately along with computer advancement came printer advancement. Now I ran across this announcement yesterday and I think the future they promised may be emerging at last. I would like to have one of these if they can get the price down This is an article on whats coming to improve them with color
2) That old question about us being alone in the universe may have an answer very soon now. Seems the new telescopes coming out will have the ability to spot exo-planets by looking at the atmosphere and detecting traces of air breathing life, This should offer an easy method to map out a few places to go when we burnout the Earth, if we are still around, and providing we also find a way to get there. A interesting new technology though, article here
3) In the event you thought the happenings in the Bermuda Triangle are just something out of the past, and put to rest due to weather anomalies, this is a serious site with some interesting reading. They keep up with the latest news on the subject, along with explanations of past events.
4) The advancement of technology verses the size and scope of the world population may cause some interesting questions regarding the evolution of man, and ethics. The question of our splitting into different lines of the evolutionary tree at an increased rate due to the have-have not aspect of our society. Who gets the new medical treatments is already an issue, just look at the difference between us and most third world countries. Now enter the abilities to increase brain power with new technology and we may see a new area of separation in our own country with even greater implications. Very interesting article here
5) For my geek link this week I am going to pose the hypothesis that the next world war, if we have one, and providing we are not in it at the moment. Will be fought entirely by geeks. Look at what is going on in Afghanistan right now, the air attacks being flown right now are piloted by people here in Las Vegas. They drop a bunch of bombs on targets that were determined by surveillance of the countryside, all from here. Then stop for a buffet on their way home, every thing is done remotely. This article is not about that, but helps make my point we do not need tanks, and AK-47’s anymore. We need geeks sitting in little dark rooms looking at monitors, using computers to keep us safe from the other guys sitting at their computers.

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